Debt Ceiling Deal?? Why does it worry Obama and the US??

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Hope the word “Debt Ceiling Deal” would have become familiar to you these days than never before and you might be wondering what has this to do with Obama and the whole of US.. Well let me give a brief info on this and how this plays a vital role in the future of American economy.

This deal is nothing but a decision by Obama and the congress leaders that they are going to raise the federal debt ceiling and that they are going to cut unwanted spending by working on deficit reduction steps. The key factors include the proposed reduction of deficit by $2.4 trillion over 10 years as well as increasing the debt ceiling slightly.

“There are still some very important votes to be taken by members of Congress, but I want to announce that the leaders of both parties in both chambers have reached an agreement that will reduce the deficit and avoid default,” Obama said during a rare Sunday-night news conference, according to CNN.

But the great threat is that if Republicans and Democrats in congress had not been forced into a compromise on raising the debt level, it would trigger something what experts call as “economic Armageddon” which is a downgrade in Americas AAA credit rating. This could even result in the falling of dollar value and major stocks and it might likely lead to another global recession.

A vote is expected later today to pass this bill. Getting votes for debit-limit deal is not going to be a easy task. Will Obama’s mantra “Yes we can” win? Lets wait and watch the game.


I just read an article few hours back that even Apple Inc has got more money than the US treasury. Hmm.. That sounds weird!! Read this article here for full details.

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JAPAN enters Recession..!!!

The global financial crisis isn’t getting any better..!!

and the world’s second largest economy JAPAN is no exception to it..!!

After so much international planning conferences and meeting one after another , still this issue seems the headlines of every news and magazine..!!

Japan entered into Recession officially today after seven years and most economists and market players feel this would be no better till march..!! After the cut down of nearly 20% of jobs in Toyota..!! JAPAN is facing a storm again…

A country known for its labor force and technology joined England, Germany and united states in the path of recession…!!

Prime Minister Taro Aso has pushed one emergency stimulus package through parliament and another is on its way, together containing about Y6.8 trillion ( $107 billion) of new public spending,

In less than two weeks Sony has announced a 78 per cent fall in net earnings for the September quarter and Toyota was down 69 per cent along with Canon 21 per cent.

The high fluctuation in oil prices from $147 to &56 over three months has a lot on impact on the economy and stocks..!!

every company is aiming at cutting down costs and reducing the risk of being drowned in the flood of financial crisis..!!

NO one knows what happens next..!! lets wait to see…

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OBAMA leaves India in a fix..!!!

The US president-elect Barack Obama failed to call Indian Prime-minister Dr Manmohan after calling to more than 15 top economically influential nations. This has left the Indian headquarters in a fix.!! so now doubts and uneasiness has started creeping in delhi headquarters, the capital of India. It is reported that the US pres-elect had a 20 min phone talk with pakistan president Zadari. Admist the plans about sending former president Bill clinton for talks relating to the pakistan-kashmir issue, His failure to call a highly emerging nation has left the indian parliment in a unanswerable situation.
with the high job cuts and the increasing recession, the indian – americans now have started to feel a threat to their residency in US .Sources say the future relations between the two countries would be highly lingering .!!

Can dubai really make it??

somebody’s taking bout a multi billion dollar tourism country..!! yea , its DUBAI..
Due to the high financial crisis overall the world and the lowering oil prices..
dubai’s planned billion dollar projects are now at stake.. probably it could all take a little longer.
It doesn disturb a country like india but for a country which earns 14% of its GDP through construction, this delay in huge projects are quite notable.
caught up in the middle of credit crunch, Dubai is facing a diff problem.
Banks are running scared of further exposure to real estate projects and sales are expected to dip as buyers become increasingly uncertain. There is one solution , the government can step in. but they have a lots of debts to clear already . so it seems uncertain.
sources say that some projects can even be cancelled, including palm Diera

Can OBAMA make the "Change"??? as America Scripts History

Hi friends, This title might make you wonder at the spell of the word ‘OBAMA’ and make u think as if ive shifted my focus to politics. Not Exactly, Politics and Finace in terms cant be seperated as both are dependent on each other. So are you thinking as wat has this ‘Obama’ to do with finace and share market??? Read further….
The newly elected charm and energetic 47-yr old American President Barak Obama has turned on every camera towards him and now the world is keenly watchin as what is goin to be the next major move of America. “Can obama solve a solution to global crisis???” is a major issue among the public.
Well, its tough to predict. But i was amazed on lookin at the markets today. Man DOW in Red!!! NIFTY below 2900!!! sensex goin back to 4digits!!!! where are we headin to??? Is this the true impact of the American elections???
“Obama is not a bad news for IT stocks” claim news reporters as Obama’s Victory is wished by top officials of our country. Startin from our beloved PM quoting this an ‘extraordinay’ victory followed by Mr.Chidambaram sayin confidence on “US relations in the future wont affect oursourcing” and lots of leaders givin postive notes on obama’s win. Adding to these venugopal Dhoot, CMD, Videocon, states “This win could not curtail the India employement as US requires Indain brain”
But today right from the start markets were bearish worldwide. On seein the markets shall i say America still doesnt have hope on itself OR is it makin a steady race to the path of victory.(hmm… who cares, until our jobs are safe he he)
Now the question is, Can Obama really bring the “change” as promised by him??? Are these wishes from everyone just a temporary healing for the deep wound of global crisis??? hmm… lets watch the game 🙂

CHINDIA??? whats it???

Are u just puzzled by these ‘newly framed’ words???As the name indicates its the concept of combining the “best of both worlds” – India and China.

In business and economy terms, CHINDIA (China and India) is the biggest exporter of goods and services. China produces the goods and India the services. The entrepreneurs always feel it as a deadly combination!!! And this is also compared as the growing combination compared to CHIMERICA (China and America).

One notable factor is the ‘rising middle class‘ in both the giant populated contries, which makes the european market feel alerted!!! 😀

Hmm… The Chinese labour and Indian brains seems a good combo. Well, China is predicted to be the super power in 2040 and India the next to it!!!

PANASONIC in talks to buy SANYO!!!!

Hi friends, as per the news i heard yesterday, it seems Japanese electronics maker Panasonic Corp is in talks with Goldman Sachs and two other major shareholders of Sanyo Electric Co Ltd to buy a controlling stake in the company.

Sources say, If a deal is reached to buy all their holdings, then Panasonic, already the world’s largest plasma TV maker, could become Japan’s top electronics firm by sales.

hmm… Markets are red everywhere coz of the global recession and this move by the electronics gaint Panasonic would have bought questions among many of us. To say in particular Nikkei, The Japans share market closed at 8576.98 in red pulling down the market by 452.78 points. But still, panasonic has the guts to make the move without any panic. ha ha..

It seems Sanyo issued 300 billion yen in preferred shares to the three companies in 2006 to help it restructure after it suffered a sharp downturn in earnings as it was hit by fierce competition and earthquake damage at its key microchip plant. To add more about Sanyo, it is the world’s No.1 supplier of lithium-ion batteries competing with Sony Corp and Panasonic. It is also the seventh-largest solar cell producer behind such rivals as Germany’s Q-Cells and Japan’s Sharp Corp.

On reading the backgroung of sanyo you would feel why this leading company in rechargable batteries is in talks to be acquired??? well, there are lots behind this. lets wait to know more in detail

Will panasonic finally make it to the mark?? Stay tuned….

Online Trading!!! Can I too do it??

Online Stock Trading has been the recent trend of operating stocks. This feature of trading helps you to buy and sell stocks at your own convenient time and price and you neednt go in search of a broker or depend on him.

Now its like your independent decision to play with stocks and it has become so easy and convenient over the times. All just you need to activate this facility is a demat account. There are lots of brokers available for this like moneycontrol, icicidirect, sharekhan and so on.

Its as easy as you create an account with an minimum balance and thier commisions are very low and it varies from each online broker. Most of them arent expensive. They are at an affordable cost only.

And finally after you have setup a brokerage account you then need to choose on the investment method anr then need to decide on the investment method and need to study carefully about the comapnies in which you are goin to invest, as this is gonna be some dealing with money.

well, The profit mantra “buy low sell high” is the basic here

Though there are several benefits of online share trading, one such important thing is you need to keep your password safe 😛 It might soung funny, but it matters a lot!!!

Its just easy to start online trading. Signup an account and start earning by investing wisely 😀